The sand dunes of Bergen

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Winter is not the ideal time for the beach. Yet lots of Dutch hike on the sand dunes, and if you can tolerate the wind, the cold and the vast emptiness, the view is magnificent.

Two hikers on a narrow pathway, cycling through the Dutch sand dunes in the North Holland province.

Bergen beach is one of the many Dutch beaches that are open to the North Sea. Climb up to a high sand dune and look down to the coast. You’ll be surprised how much life there is, even in winter times.

Monochrome view of a couple accompanied by their dog, walking on a beach in Holland, on the coast of the North Sea.

Hikers are all over the place, families, dog lovers, cyclists, runners. I was feeling ashamed I only had a camera on me, no hiking boot, no running set.

A handcraft wooden pole showing directions on the beach of Bergen, the coast of the North Sea, in North Holland

The biggest advantage of being a photographer is that having a camera on me, I can always gather material for my portfolio, my blog and my print shop. Something similar to a writer, who can always work, as long as his (her) tape recorder is at hand. There is always something to shoot, as long as you have the camera on you. 🙂

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