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Half a year ago I’ve visited Woerden, a place between Gouda and Utrecht in the Netherlands, mostly known for it’s annual festival, Grasskaasdag. Well, it’s about young cheese with the cheese market, folk music and people dressed like they were crew in a movie about the Dutch country. All in all, people look great just like anywhere else in the Netherlands, healthy, content, European. These lovely people are on a coach, maybe with the granddaughter, potentially waiting for passengers who fancy a ride in town.

With this post the blog is officially moved from my old Blogger account. Blogger is fun and has been a good host but maintaining two sources of content on the web resulted in not updating any of them frequently, so it’s time to consolidate. You can of course always find my old posts on Blogger, I may even import some of them here, we’ll see. I want new content and I have new content. So, i do new content.

Grasskaasdag 2015

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