Formal Portrait Sessions

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It’s no exaggeration to say that formal portraits for websites, social media or Linkedin profiles are getting more importance and attention. Recently I’ve received some assignments in Amsterdam for studio portraits, so I packed up my travel kit (a light studio strobe, umbrella, tripod, remote control) and had some amazing sessions with some amazing people.

While for some of us, getting relaxed in front of the camera is no problem, some people are shy and modest. Most of them expect the same image as they see in the mirror which is practically impossible, unless you have a perfectly symmetric face. 🙂

Portrait of Mari Alfoldy, book translator from Hungarian to Dutch, looking over her translations in her Amsterdam home, with Hungarian books from Imre Kertesz, Sandor Marai and other Hungarian authors


But it’s also not the goal. What you see in the mirror is a reflection, a reversed image that can only be reproduced if the photographer reverses your portrait. It’s not a good idea. People who see you will expect the image they see, not the one you see in the mirror. Trust the photographer, if they say you look great, you probably do!

Monochrome image of a middle aged brown haired woman in a purple blouse and a black blazer, standing next to a wooden pole, looking into the camera in front of a residential building background


Instead, try to relax and be yourself, concentrate on the things you need from the portrait. Is it a business portrait? Then try to imagine yourself in a business situation, try to imagine how you would like to see a person like you in a portrait. It’s easier than you think. 🙂

Side portrait view of a long brown haired white woman in a black sweater, standing in front of a red brick wall with her arms crossed, looking into the camera


Don’t worry about the process, that’s the photographer’s job. As long as you have enough choices from the set, you’ll be fine. I’ll always make sure you have a decent set of shots that you can choose from.

Look at the portfolio for inspiration, contact me or use secure booking through Truefie!

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