Portrait of Adam Szuly, freelance photographer and photo blogger

I’m a freelance photographer and photo blogger, born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, since 2010 living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I like to say that I’ve started photography at the age of nine, when my father gave me my first Soviet camera, a simple Smena Symbol. I soon drove him mad with my pictures of parking cars in the neighborhood, but as I grew up, architecture and the people of Budapest in the 80s soon took over. After a long pause, I bought a Zenit EM, also a Soviet, but an SLR camera at the age of 18 from a friend.

As technology evolved, I moved away from the Eastern bloc when it comes to equipment, and with the dawn of the digital age, my interest soon turned to Nikon, the brand I use since. From travel shots my interest moved to stock photography and technical perfection, and with my moving to Amsterdam, my addiction to photography jut got stronger.

Nowadays I maintain a portfolio of over a thousand high resolution commercial images that I license through international agencies, and since 2012 I take commercial and portrait assignments alike. I work in my own studio or on site, flexible to the demands of the information age. My appetite for travel didn’t change a bit, I use my shots for high quality prints that can be ordered directly from me.

My work is showcased on several platforms (like Behance), I regularly set up events and post the newest content on my Facebook page.

Take a look at my portfolio, contact me via email or the contact form and if you need a flexible, commercial minded and technically strong photographer for your project, book me directly or through secure booking via Truefie.