• Amsterdam, the Netherlands - August 19, 2015: Evening view of the Ijhaven port at the time of the SAIL 2015 (www.sail.nl), an international public nautical event held once in every 5 years since 1975.
  • Head shot portrait of a short haired european woman in a yellow sweater wearing a blue scarf.
  • The last performance of the dance group De Kiss Moves' 2014 tour show Beating Bacch App me.
  • April 26, 2014 - Museumplein, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Side view of young tourists sitting on top of the "Iamsterdam" street display on King's day, Hoilland's most important national holiday.
  • People in summer cloth, gathered at a public, hop on hop off boat stop in Amsterdam. Two hands blurred in the foreground.
  • Two young people, a white woman and a black man laughing at a club event.
  • A half-full wine glass with rose wine, a cork screw, a light wood cutting board with brie cheese, almonds and grapes, accompanied by a business card, on top of a natural wood table surface.
  • Monochrome image of a middle aged brown haired woman in a purple blouse and a black blazer, standing next to a wooden pole, looking into the camera in front of a residential building background
  • Side view of a black iron tea pot, accompanied by a white chinese tea set and a tea strainer with tea in it, on a wood cutting board, with a glass container in the background with chrysanthemum flower tea.
  • Sang Hoon Degeimbre, a Michelin star chef is standing in front of a red door under the setting sun, int eh garden of his restaurant.
  • Overhead view of home grown potato, sorrel pistou and turmeric juice, served in a white plate, next to a fork and a spoon on a kight wood table.
  • Side close-up view of credit cards accompanied by a padlock, on top of computer keyboard
  • Plan landscape view of traditional Eastern European walnut noodles with jam
  • Coaching a jazz band in the Music School. The Dutch are good students he says, eager to learn and very community oriented. "Something we Hungarians really need to learn from them."

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